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alacritty      > yet another terminal emulator
archlinux      > just makepkg.conf for now
bin            > helpful shell scripts
darktable      > mostly just filters
git            > global git config & aliases
gnupg          > utilise gpg-agent for pgp crypto
lftp           > sftp management
mail           > mail config - mutt/mbsync/notmuch
mpv            > who needs vlc? minimal video player
music          > music config - mpd, ncmpcpp, beets
npm            > npm configuration (ha ha)
nvim           > neovim config & plugins
ssh            > safe-ish ssh config
sway           > minimal tiling wm for naughty computers
termite        > terminal colours & keyboard settings
tmux           > tmux config
weechat        > irc client ui/colour configuration
zsh            > shell, aliases and cool stuff

git clone ~/.dotfiles

Clone repository, then setup as desired using GNU Stow. I prefer using the --no-folding flag with stow.


These dotfiles assume the computer is set up in a specific way. I recommend using Ansible or other tools (Chef, Puppet, etc) to automatically provision your computer the way you like it.

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The MIT License (MIT)