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Code for grawlinson repository.


Note: Creation of a brand spankin' new repository is not documented here.

  • Ensure local repository is in /etc/pacman.conf, using the file:// format.
Server = file:///var/lib/repo/grawlinson
  • Ensure GPG keys for signing packages & repositories have been created, and exist in pacman's keyring.

  • Copy aurutils configuration to the global directory.

cp -t /etc/aurutils {pacman,makepkg}-grawlinson.conf
  • Create a systemd-nspawn instance for aurbuild.
aur chroot --create \
  -M /etc/aurutils/makepkg-grawlinson.conf \
  -C /etc/aurutils/pacman-grawlinson.conf


  • make check: Check for new package versions.
  • make sync : Sync local repository with remote.
  • make for the rest of the commands.

Building a new or updated package

sh .repo/build [packages ...]

A wrapper around aurutils, builds package(s) specified in a clean chroot. After successful build, packages are added to the repository and old versions are removed. By default, packages and repository database are signed.


sh .repo/remove [packages ...]
rm -f /var/lib/repo/grawlinson/{packages,and,signatures,to,delete}

Removal of package(s) from the repository is invoked via the .repo/remove script (shown above). Actual deletion of the package(s) (and the corresponding package signatures) is to be done manually.